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Can Dental Bridges Replace a Missing Tooth?

Broken, infected or decayed teeth can impair your smile. At Helix Dentistry we offer the highest quality dental bridges to replace your missing teeth.

A dental bridge is a fixed restoration that fills in the open space left behind by a missing tooth or teeth. They can be attached over healthy teeth or on top of dental implants. Bridges are a great way to replace missing teeth, including front ones that show when you smile.


How long does a dental bridge last?

It’s important to remember that though the bridge replaced a missing tooth, there are at least two natural ones that are still involved.  These can still break or become decayed if not well cared for. When maintained properly, a bridge can last anywhere from 5-20 years or more.


Is it painful to get a bridge?

Typically, getting a bridge is a two-step procedure, however these two appointments can be combined into one.  Since natural tooth preparation will be needed when prepping for the bridge, you will be more comfortable by having our dentist administer a local anaesthetic.

With a traditional design, you will leave the initial visit with a temporary bridge in place.  Some discomfort may be noted initially but should subside within a matter of days.

The permanent bridge may take a couple of weeks to hand design at the lab.  Once it is ready, you will return to our office for a second visit to have it bonded in place. This visit it much faster and easier.  Many patients will not even need to be numbed.

Shorter bridges can be created on-site using advanced CEREC milling technology!


My tooth is loose. Can a loose tooth tighten back up?

In certain cases, loose teeth may need to be replaced with a dental bridge.

Having a loose tooth can be difficult to deal with.  A common cause is gum disease. If this condition is treated, the problem teeth usually tighten up and can last many more years.  However, in advanced cases the teeth may not be salvageable due to aggressive bone loss caused by the infection in the gums.

Trauma (like being hit in the mouth) is another culprit.  Bruises to the ligaments around the teeth may cause them to loosen.  Mostly, this is just temporary.  In many cases they will tighten back up.


What about same day tooth replacement with dental bridges

Porcelain one-day dental bridges are available through the use of our state of the art CEREC milling machine.  Once we have finished preparing your teeth for the bridge, we will use our intra oral scanner to take virtual impressions of your mouth.  CEREC technology allows us to design and carve your crown right there in our office, from the highest quality material!

With CEREC, we can provide you with the best outcome, since you will leave with your new permanent dental bridge in place in just one appointment. There’s no need to return to our office for a second visit.


How do you clean a dental bridge?

It’s very important to floss around and under your bridge, to keep the supporting teeth healthy.  Before leaving our office, we will show you how to do this so that you will feel confident flossing at home.  Regular dental check and cleans (including X-rays) will help battle decay and keep your bridge stable for many years.


Can you fix a dental bridge?

The only way to properly fix a bridge is to replace it.  Since it is made from one solid piece of material, patching or adding to the restoration usually does not last. To prevent damage, we recommend having your bridge made out of a solid piece of ceramic for added durability.


How much does it cost to replace missing teeth with a bridge?

There are several factors to take into consideration.  For example, the number of teeth that need to be replaced, and the how many teeth or implants will need to serve as an anchor. Also, whether or not you will go with a same day CEREC bridge or one fabricated by an off-site lab. Consolidating the process into one appointment can prevent you from having to take additional time off of work.


Cosmetic Dentistry Central Coast

If you are faced with losing a tooth we offer great options for dental bridges on the Central Coast. Call us and we will discuss a replacement with you.  A dental porcelain bridge may be the best option.

We look forward to speaking with you regarding your dental treatment options!


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