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At Helix Dentistry we offer cosmetic dentistry treatment that protects your teeth and enhances your smile.  Deciding which route to take can be overwhelming on your own.  Rest assured, we are here to help you and your family enjoy the best dental health possible.

You may have heard of dental crowns as a restorative option, but are not familiar with what they do, or when they are used.  We believe education is a key factor in making the right decisions regarding your dental health; here’s everything you need to know before getting a crown for the first time…


How does a porcelain dental crown work?

We may recommend a crown to cover your tooth if it is weak from having a large filling or root canal treatment.  It will allow you to bite on the protective cap rather than your fragile tooth, which may otherwise break down from everyday wear.

Each is custom fabricated to match and blend in with your smile and individual bite.


How is a porcelain dental crown fitted?

Your tooth will be adjusted down on all sides and the biting surface.  Then, we will take an impression of your tooth.  This will allow the dental laboratory to properly design your custom fitted crown so that it fits over the remaining enamel.


How long is a porcelain dental crown supposed to last?

Cared for properly, a crown can last from 5-20 years.  It’s important to remember that your natural tooth is still under the crown, and decay can develop if not careful.  So, it is vital to clean it well and see us regularly for an exam and clean.


What are the types of crowns for teeth?

There are several different types of material used for crowns.

1. Metal Dental Crowns – is common and can be made from stainless steel, which is mostly used on children when a primary tooth needs protection.  This will help it last until the permanent tooth comes in.

2. Gold Dental Crowns – the strongest type of metal crown for a back tooth because it is incredibly durable.  Fortunately, if you are concerned with the aesthetic appearance, most back teeth don’t show when you speak or smile; no one will have to see the metal in your mouth.

3. Non-metal Dental Crowns (Porcelain) – Porcelain Dental Crowns combine the highest quality materials with the best outcome.  These are very durable, custom designed and coloured to match your other teeth.

At Helix Dentistry we exclusively offer white porcelain dental crowns for the very best look and durability in your mouth.


Convenient One-day CEREC Porcelain crowns

At Helix Dentistry we strive to provide you with the latest dental technology.

For your convenience, our office is equipped with a digital scanner to take images of your tooth once it has been prepared.  The virtual “impressions” are sent to our in-house CEREC milling machine, which instantly shapes your crown from a colour matched block of ceramic.

Next, we will ensure proper fit and appearance.  Once everything is just right, we will adhere this new permanent crown to your natural tooth. With CEREC, there is no room for human error, so you’re essentially guaranteed a perfect fitting crown every single time.

Single visit porcelain crowns are a great alternative for someone that has limited time to spend at the dentist, or who prefers to complete all of their treatment in one appointment.


How much is a dental crown?

Our dental crowns are the highest quality and made with the latest technology. We offer crowns that range from $1000-$2000.

These types of dental treatments are an investment into your future.  The value of your smile is a personal decision.  It’s a choice you make for yourself and one that will continue to reward you for many years to come.


Can you repair a dental crown?

Crowns are milled and shaped from a solid block of material; therefore, they are difficult to repair.  Occasionally one will chip and we can smooth and contour it without compromising the fit or appearance.

However, if it collects food debris or interferes with the appearance of your smile, then it will need to be replaced. Any chairside material added to a broken crown in an effort to patch it, will unfortunately be unsuccessful because it won’t create a lasting bond.


Are dental crowns painful or sensitive?

Before beginning the crown treatment process, we will administer a local anaesthetic in the area to ensure that you to be comfortable while we adjust your tooth.

Fortunately, most of our crowns are single visit porcelain restorations. You’ll be able to complete the crown prep phase and leave with your new permanent crown on the very same day! This prevents the need to wear a temporary crown while your permanent one is being fabricated at an off-site lab.

Although your tooth will be protected afterward, it may experience some mild sensitivity after having such a large restoration placed. Mild over the counter pain relievers and warm salt water rinses will help it feel better in no time.

At Helix Dentistry we offer your best option for dental crowns on the Central Coast. We will discuss which option is best for you.  Call us today to speak with our friendly staff and schedule your consultation.


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