There is nothing better than being outdoors, playing sports and enjoying our beautiful environment, but a blow to the mouth can result in dental injuries which could lead to ongoing restorative work. We want to reduce the risk of that happening to you and your family and strongly advise using mouthguards specifically made to protect your teeth during sports.

Why have a custom-made sports mouthguard?

A custom-made mouthguard provides a superior level of protection for your teeth and jaws and we will ensure it feels comfortable to wear. Our mouthguards are made from a strong, odour-free and taste-free thermoplastic material and are designed to offer maximum support in critical areas. They also come in a huge choice of colours, so you can easily personalise your mouthguard.

What is the procedure for having a mouthguard made and fitted?

Treatment is quick and non-invasive, as our dentist will simply need to take an impression of your mouth. This is used to create your custom-made mouthguard and it can be tried and fitted at your next appointment. Afterwards, we suggest you bring your mouthguard with you to dental check-ups, just so we can check the fit is still suited to your mouth. Children’s mouthguards are likely to need regular replacements to accommodate their developing teeth and jaws.

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