Oral Cancer Screening

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Oral cancer is often diagnosed when well advanced as the early symptoms are easy to miss. This is why your oral cancer screenings are so important. Our dentist is specially trained to detect any changes to the soft tissues inside your mouth and which include your cheeks, lips, the roof and floor of your mouth and your tongue. Your oral cancer screening forms part of your regular dental examination and is quick, painless and non-invasive.

What are the symptoms to be aware of?

Oral cancer can cause changes to the colour and texture of your tissues. Our dentist will look for any unexplained lumps or bumps or thickened areas, and for patches of skin that may appear white or red. They will also check for any ulcers or sore spots that aren’t healing properly and will gently feel the lymph glands in your neck. Other symptoms include changes to the way your teeth bite together, difficulty in swallowing or talking, or changes to your voice.

Who is more at risk of developing oral cancer?

Age is a factor and men are more at risk than women. If you smoke or drink excessively, your risk may also be higher. Exposure to the human papilloma virus also increases the risk, however, around a quarter of all oral cancer diagnoses are in people with no known risk factors, which is why this simple screening is so vital.

If you are ever concerned about any changes inside your mouth, please contact our friendly dental team here at Helix Dentistry so we can help you.

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