Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

Central Coast Teeth Cleaning Dentist

A preventative dental cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent common dental problems.

By having a professional clean your teeth on a routine basis, you can make sure that your personal oral hygiene routine is efficient — and intercept any early signs of tooth decay or gum disease that may have started to develop since your last checkup.

Is teeth cleaning necessary for people who don’t tend to have dental problems? Yes, because it’s preventative in nature. Avoiding your routine cleanings only allows opportunity for expensive dental problems to creep in unannounced.


Is it Painful to Get Teeth Cleaned?

Some people have very sensitive teeth and gums, often because of gum disease or as a result of the products that they use (such as home whitening gel.) If a teeth cleaning does hurt, let your hygienist know. They can alter the way they remove build-up to allow for the gentlest procedure possible.

Getting your teeth cleaned more frequently can help your gums be less sensitive. You can also request numbing jelly or nitrous oxide gas to alleviate some of your discomfort and anxiety!


Can you clean your teeth professionally at home?

Teeth cleaning at home with DIY tools bought off the internet will not be as thorough or effective as one provided by a professional.

In fact, DIY teeth cleaning side effects often include damage to soft tissues or enamel removal. Even if you’ve watched teeth cleaning videos online, you won’t get the same results (or be using the same types of tools) as the ones you would receive an actual dentist’s office.


Before and After Results

If you’re expecting dramatic teeth cleaning before and after results, you’ll likely only notice a big difference if you had heavy stain or tartar. A preventative dental cleaning is meant to maintain your current level of oral health and avoid the onset of disease.

But, you will be able to tell that your teeth feel cleaner and smoother. As you run your tongue across your smile, you’ll notice how areas seem healthier after having tartar and plaque removed. Once we’re finished, our Long Jetty dental team will share tips on how to keep your teeth cleaner, longer.


How Much Does it Cost to Have Your Teeth Cleaned?

How much is a cleaning at the dentist? In most cases, teeth cleaning costs are covered by your insurance or health funds. But even if you don’t have coverage, the small investment is a smart way to prevent tooth loss in the future.

However, delaying your teeth cleaning could allow for the onset of gum disease. When it comes to how much does it cost for a deep cleaning, your periodontal treatment will cost more than a traditional cleaning.  But avoiding it could cost you your smile!


Central Coast Dental Services with Helix Dentistry

To keep your smile healthy for life, we recommend a good oral hygiene routine at home each day, and a professional dental cleaning at our Long Jetty practice every six months.

If it’s been a while since your last check and clean, we invite you to call Helix Dentistry today to schedule your next appointment!


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