Do you get enough nitric oxide?

Do you get enough nitric oxide?

Today we know the powerful importance of breathing for your health. From the brain, to nervous system to every cell in your body, breath delivers that all important oxygen. So I guess it makes sense that the way we do it plays an important role in this delivery.

But things get far more complicated.

The air around us doesn’t lack oxygen, it’s our own ability to transfer that oxygen to our cells and brain.

That’s where nitric oxide comes in. Stored in your nasal sinuses, when you take a deep nasal breath you mix nitric oxide and warm the air.

In the lungs nitric oxide increases blood flow and helps us deliver more oxygen to cells. This is a crucial element to the cycle.

When you mouth breathe you deliver cold air with less blood flow for respiration.

Nitric oxide also has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which is why mouth breathers suffer with conditions such as asthma and hay fever.

That’s why breathing through your nose 👃🏻 all day and all night is so important. And your teeth tell us whether you’re doing that well or not.

Do you know anyone that suffers from chronic mouthbreathing?

From a simple check-up, our experts will be able to determine whether you are breathing correctly and, if not, provide a plan to ensure you’re getting your fair share of oxygen.

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