Caring For Your Smile – Practice What You Preach

As adults we seem to spend a lot of time encouraging our children to care for their teeth – but how many of us actually practice what we preach?

No doubt that in the modern world life can get pretty busy and frequently it becomes all too easy to let some things slip by the wayside. Unfortunately though, and likely too often, oral health care is one of the major casualties of contemporary living.

Remember that caring for your teeth and gums is just as important for adults as it is for children. Yet, surprisingly enough, many people often miss out on this message until it’s too late. Although attending your Dental Hygienist for regular check-ups and remedial work might be essential, it’s still only a small part of maintaining oral health, the rest of the time, unfortunately, it’s up to you!

Few people realise that a healthy mouth also reflects a healthy lifestyle. If you take care of both your nutritional needs together with an effective daily dental routine then, as you get older, not only will your teeth benefit but your overall health will also be maintained.

Today, how we look is a major topic of conversation in mainstream society. We might have available to us cosmetic surgery procedures and myriad miracle fitness regimens which enable us to maintain and even improve our faces and body. But, no matter what else we do, who really wants to look in the mirror and see stained, damaged or even false, teeth?

Those who retain strong, healthy teeth well into their advancing years often maintain a fitness level to match and, underpinning that, you will frequently find a lifestyle and diet which holistically optimises their health.

So, recognise that years of drinking wine, energy drinks, fizzy drinks and soft cordials will flood your teeth with a variety of acids that cause erosion of the enamel. As a direct result of this, over time your teeth will become stained, darker and increasingly predisposed to decay. The microbiome of your mouth, the bacteria which helps to maintain its health, will also be negatively affected by large amounts of acids and sugars. And, as we now know to our cost, these are not only found in drinks but are also often loaded into many processed foods. The end result of this regular cascade of undesirable ingredients results in an overall reduction in the number of good bacteria which are essential to maintain a healthy oral environment. And the real bad news is, this means the bad guys can take over!

But it’s not only the balance of bacteria in your mouth which are altered by our modern diet. The healthy bacteria in your gut will also be negatively affected. Then, once pathogenic or bad bacteria grow in numbers you will find it increasingly difficult to digest the food you do eat. Not least because the bad guys often get to it first – hey, bacteria have to eat too!

So, if you drink a lot of carbonated drinks, wine or eat a few too many processed foods, and subsequently experience not only accompanying indigestion but recurring oral problems, consider how what you eat affects not only your teeth but your entire health.

Remember what you tell the kids; brush and floss regularly, at least twice a day, and preferably rinse with water after every food or drink. Then the grownups can cut back on the wine, drink less fizzy drink, and dump the processed foods in favour of something more natural and nourishing. Remember, it’s not only the children’s teeth that need taking care of – yours are important too!

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