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A beautiful bright smile is instantly appealing and is frequently associated with youthfulness. If the appearance of your teeth could do with a little help, you may wish to consider cosmetic dentistry.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the use of dental treatments to help improve the overall appearance of your teeth and most are designed to create an effect that is purely cosmetic. However, some treatments such as tooth coloured fillings and crowns and bridges may do both, protect your dental health and improve your smile. Our cosmetic dental treatments include:

What about a Smile Makeover?

This is a service we love to provide and which can use a combination of different treatments to improve the overall appearance or alignment of your teeth. It can be a highly effective yet conservative way to improve your smile, as wherever possible we prefer to use minimally invasive techniques combined with long-lasting and high quality materials. How Will I Know Which Treatments Could Help Me? An initial consultation with our dentist here at Helix Dentistry will allow you to discover which treatments may be most useful for you. Our dentist will take some time to talk to you about your concerns to learn how you’d like to improve your smile. After examining your mouth, we can provide a customised treatment plan detailing cosmetic dental treatments that will be most effective for you. Each possible treatment will be explained in detail so you will learn exactly how it will help you. We are very friendly and approachable, so please ask if there’s something you don’t quite understand. It is our aim to make sure you receive all the information needed to make the right decision for your smile. For more information, please speak to our friendly team on (02) 4334 1383. We are located at 1/441 The Entrance Rd, Long Jetty NSW 2261.

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