Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

We welcome patients of all ages here at Helix Dentistry, but we especially love seeing children. Our caring dental team encourage parents to bring their children in for regular visits. With the right professional dental care, combined with good oral care at home, children can often grow up with healthy, cavity-free teeth.

Can you help nervous children overcome dental fears?

When your child comes to see us, we will do our best to ensure they enjoy their visit. If your child is already slightly anxious about seeing a dentist, please let us know so we can help them to relax. By providing gentle dental care, we can help your child grow up without fears and phobias. Instead, we hope they will see dental visits as simply being an everyday part of life and essential for maintaining a healthy smile.

How soon should my child visit a dentist?

Your child’s first dental visit can take place soon after they get their first tooth. This is just an opportunity for our dentist to take a quick look inside their mouth and is a chance for you to get some great advice about their dental care at home. As they grow up, we will need to see them regularly and we will work with you to ensure their teeth remain healthy and strong by providing a customised treatment plan. This will detail how frequently we feel they should come and visit us, and any treatments we think will be beneficial for their dental health.

What type of treatments can you provide for my child?

We provide a great range of preventative and general dental treatments for children. These include comprehensive evaluations and hygiene appointments, as well as fillings and root canal therapy. Helix Dentistry can also provide early intervention orthodontics if needed. Our preventative dentistry treatments include fluoride applications to protect against tooth decay, as well as fissure sealants which are used to protect a child’s adult back teeth against cavities.

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