General Dentistry

Helix Dentistry is here to provide you, and your family, with a broad range of general dental care services. We work with each individual patient to tailor our services to suit your needs. The treatments offered by Helix Dentistry are designed to detect and treat problems with your teeth and gums, making it easier for you to maintain a healthy smile.

What are General Dental treatments?

Treatments include your regular examinations, tooth coloured fillings, crowns and bridges and root canal therapy to help save badly infected teeth. Any restorations you may have, including fillings, crowns and bridges, will be carefully assessed during your regular examinations. All restorations need replacing periodically as they can begin to deteriorate and will no longer provide optimal protection for your teeth. We also keep a close eye on your wisdom teeth and will recommend their removal if there is no hope they will erupt normally and without causing problems for your existing teeth. If you need dentures, we will provide well-fitting and natural looking teeth, restoring your ability to eat in comfort and to smile with confidence.

Protecting your dental health and your general health

With good general dental care, combined with a good oral care routine at home, you are more likely to enjoy your natural teeth for life. Additionally, good dental health will help to protect your general health, as many common health problems have been linked to poor oral health.

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