Oral Hygiene Education

We learn how to brush and floss during childhood and many of us will continue to use the same techniques right throughout our lives, but often there may be a better and more effective way to clean your teeth. This is where oral hygiene education can help you and your family.

Why Might I Benefit from Oral Hygiene Education?

When you have your regular hygiene appointment, our hygienist will carefully examine your teeth and can identify areas you may be missing with your regular hygiene routine. They can provide customised advice and instructions on how to brush more effectively, ensuring you thoroughly clean all your teeth.

Would You Like Some Help Improving Your Tooth Brushing and Flossing Skills?

It is worth asking for advice if you feel your brushing techniques could use some help, or if you struggle to floss. We know people often find flossing awkward and uncomfortable, but with the right techniques and tools, we promise it isn’t that hard. If you hate using floss, we can discuss other tools to try such as interdental brushes. These can be especially good for anyone with limited dexterity and for cleaning round bridges and dental implants.

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