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At Helix Dentistry, we know there is more to dental health than just brushing and flossing. We understand that there are common lifestyle problems and ailments that can be fixed with simple dental functional treatment. Helix Dentistry offer services that treat more than just cavities, with a holistic health approach through functional treatment.
At Helix Dentistry our goal is to bring you world-class preventative and functional treatment. Functional dentistry uses the principles of functional medicine to address the root cause of diseases of the mouth, not simply treat them.
It means we take into account your whole body when looking after your mouth. Dental diseases provide a measurable and important sign for how the rest of your body is doing.

Issues that appear alongside dental diseases are:

Your teeth are the key to both healing and finding out what causes any of these conditions. Bodily inflammation first shows up in the mouth and is now attributed to nearly every chronic disease seen by medical professionals.
We offer fluoride-free, metal-free cosmetic dentistry, but our real offer to you is your long term health. Never ignore any condition that can start in the mouth. Functional dentistry can help you!

Nutritional environment

Today it’s difficult to keep up with dietary trends. From low-fat to low carb to paleo to vegetarianism, people now understand that food is their key to health.
But what if diet guidelines were missing something all along? Your teeth hold the key as to what to eat for whole body health.
Tooth decay is known as a sugar caused condition. Today we’ve moved forward to see the link between sugar and weight gain, type-II diabetes and heart disease. We’ve thrown out the idea that fat causes heart attacks and see that sugar drives inflammation based diseases.
Dentists have been recommending patients to cut sugars for decades. That’s how powerful the oral-systemic connection is. Your body will show problems in the mouth before it becomes a problem elsewhere!
Dental nutrition allows us to see what the body needs to prevent diseases like tooth decay and gum disease. It also shows how to guide growth of the jaws in kids and newborns. Today we can prevent braces, if we know how to feed and nourish our kids the right way.
Throughout life these principles guide your health from the tiny bugs in your mouth that drive your digestive system, to the nutrients that build strong bones and an immunity to tooth decay.
At Helix Dentistry we’ll give you the full approach on how to manage your food, teeth, and entire body.
Today we are moving past a medical model of surgery and medication. At Helix Dentistry we are bringing you the most cutting edge way to heal your mouth and body.
Functional medicine is the practice that identifies and addresses the root cause of disease. Functional dentistry integrates the oral-systemic link to complete the approach. Most importantly, it follows the growth and development of a child.
That means that instead of waiting to see if a child has crooked teeth, we intervene in the CAUSES of crooked teeth.

What causes crooked teeth?

1) Nutrients – the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K2 are critical for bone and teeth development. They also guide the hormones, neural and epigenetic factors in growth. Diets have been based on these nutrients for generations and generations without any crooked teeth or wisdom teeth impactions.
2) Function – if a child’s jaws are slightly behind where they should be developmentally, they need to compensate. That means breathing, tongue function, swallowing and facial muscle use all guide tooth position. In order to prevent crooked teeth, we need to correct oral posture and breathing for a healthy wide jaw and straight teeth.

Orofacial Myology and Myofunctional Therapy

These aim to correct the tongue and breathing posture of the mouth to guide growth. When you position the tongue to the roof of the mouth and relax the facial muscle for lip closure.

Movements of the body

Head and neck pain, migraines, TMJ and jaw pain all indicate a bony and muscular problem. Many people who suffer headaches have a misaligned jaw or bite. In order to reduce chronic pain, we must correct the posture in order to reverse the issue.

Breathing habits

Snoring and sleep apnoea have serious health consequences. These include heart disease, and chronic brain degenerative diseases like dementia. Your day-time breathing reflects your night time breathing. That means we teach you to breath through the day, in order to prevent and reverse the spectrum of sleep-disordered breathing!
Remember that even if you don’t have sleep apnoea, you can still have a breathing disorder that affects your sleep.

Symptoms include:

Issues and solutions

People deal with different growth and developmental issues in their own individual way. That means one plan doesn’t always work for the next person.
That’s why we aim to look at the whole picture of your body and provide a plan for you to solve each and every barrier to health.
In teenagers and adults certain developmental stages have completed. There are limits to what we can do to the bony structure, however there are still many benefits from correction of jaw and breathing issues. These may prevent long term chronic diseases like heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.
Book a consultation today to receive your customized health plan with our Helix Dentistry team!


What age should a child see the dentist?

From birth, we can check oral restrictions and monitor the growth and development of a child.

Can you prevent braces?

Yes! If we intervene early enough, we can guide the jaws to grow to fit teeth. It’s achieved by reversing the causes of crooked teeth.

Is mouth breathing normal?

Correct breathing is through the nose. That delivers nitric oxide rich air to the lungs to help deliver oxygen to the brain and cells throughout the body.

Are tongue ties normal?

No they aren’t. While everyone functions with an oral restriction differently, tongue-ties are a birth defect that can have serious consequences.

Do you use fluoride?

We are fluoride free! Our approach is to address the real causes of decay via nutrients and balancing the oral and gut microbiome.

Is teeth grinding normal?

No. It’s a sign your brain is managing your airway at night. It’s commonly associated with a sleep disorder called Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome.

Do you perform root canal treatments?

We try not to, but sometimes they are necessary. We’ll give you every option to both prevent and use alternatives to root canal treatment.

Do you perform non-metal fillings?

Yes, we have an on-site Cerec machine that allows us to create beautiful ceramic fillings on the same-day as we prep. No lab delay, just a great smile straight away.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes we work with Medipay and a range of payment options
Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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