Cold Sore Treatment With Laser

cold sore treatment

Cold sore treatment with laser is fast becoming the latest go-to treatment therapy for cold sore sufferers. With its vast benefits, effective therapy and rapid treatment time it is little wonder that this high tech option has now become one of the preferred treatments for this pesty problem!

What does your Cold Sore Treatment appointment look like?

A Cold Sore Treatment with Laser Therapy usually takes approximately 10 minutes. The great thing about laser is that it is fast and efficient, meaning you can zap this pesty virus back into line and be on your merry way in no time!

In just a few minutes we use Laser treatment to discourage progression of the virus, significantly encourage faster healing time, and immediately stop any discomfort.

The treatment itself is pain-free. The laser therapy works by targeting the virus and inhibiting its progression and acting in an antibacterial manner. Our Laser uses photo-biostimulation technology to penetrate deep into the nerve plexus and targets the virus itself.

The benefit of laser treatment is that it will encourage a much faster rapid healing time. Typically cold sores resolve on their own usually after 7-14 days, after the virus has followed its natural progression which is tingling or burning stage, followed by small red lumps, lumps fill with fluid to form blisters and lastly blisters burst and a scab forms.

A Cold Sore Treatment with Laser is effective within the first 48 hours following onset. The best time to have laser is at the very first instance you feel that tingling or burning sensation. If laser therapy is administered now, it is likely the cold sore will not eventuate and you can avoid the unsightly and often painful lesion altogether. Even if the lumps and bubbles start to appear laser therapy can be very effective, by causing what we call a laser bandaid, this skips the process of blistering and allows the body to heal the area much faster.

Typically, you can be rid of a cold sore episode in as quickly as 48 hours instead of 14 days if you receive treatment early enough.

Benefits of a Cold Sore Treatment with Laser

Laser treatments extend the length of time between your breakouts. In fact, after several laser treatments in the same area, your cold sores might never come back! Best of all, laser treatments for cold sores are affordable, and may even be covered by your insurance.

While the virus never really “leaves” you, there is some evidence that the cold sore will not return to that spot once treated by the laser energy. In some instances, the lesion may not appear again in the area that has been treated with laser.

What are Cold Sores (herpetic lesions)?

Cold sores are clusters of blisters (sometimes called fever blisters) caused by the virus herpes simplex. Over time, the blisters ulcerate and extend to the skin around the mouth and become covered with a crust or scab. The first signs of a cold sore are commonly itching, burning or tingling sensation. The sores are often painful, occur on a regular basis and appear quite quickly. Some triggers to watch out for include: exposure to sunlight, local trauma, stress, or a decreased immune system. The “raw” stages of the sore are when it is infectious and are contagious. Typically they usually heal within 7-14 days.

Cold Sore Triggers

Aphthous Ulcer

An aphthous ulcer (also known as a canker sore) is an autoimmune response which causes the skin inside the mouth to be damaged. The ulcer is usually has a white or yellow centre with a red border and can be seen on the inside of the lips or cheeks, on or underneath the tongue, and on the back of the throat. They are usually associated with physical or emotional stress, become painful, and commonly come back in multiple areas. They can vary in size but should usually heal within 2 weeks without treatment. The use of our new laser speeds up healing time and reduces pain throughout healing.

Have a special occasion? Or maybe it’s your wedding day? Whatever the situation, Laser therapy can ensure effective treatment and healing.

Call our practice at the earliest possible stage you begin to feel that tingling sensation. Treatment can occur in the first 48 hours. We guarantee our team will schedule you an emergency laser appointment that same day.


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