Regular Examinations

We strongly recommend regular dental examinations with us here at Helix Dentistry. Most people will only need an appointment every six-months, but these are an essential part of any preventative dental care plan.

Why are regular dental examinations important?

We encourage our patients to regularly attend check-ups and to not miss a visit just because your teeth seem fine. Our dentist will closely examine your teeth and gums and can pick up on small problems, hopefully well before you feel there is anything wrong. If you have noticed a tooth has begun to feel a bit sensitive when you bite down or eat something hot or cold, it is even more important not to miss your regular check-up. By detecting problems at an early stage, we can provide treatment that is quicker, more cost-effective and less invasive, and we are more likely to be able to save and preserve your tooth.

Will I need x-rays at every visit?

We will need to take a full set of digital x-rays at your first visit, as these provide a valuable overview of your current dental health. Most adults with reasonable dental health will only require x-rays every two years, unless there is a problem we need to examine in greater detail. X-rays are invaluable in helping us to diagnose problems more effectively, so we can provide appropriate treatment more quickly.

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