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Cosmetic Dentist for a Smile Makeover

As your premier cosmetic dentist on the central coast, we strive to give you the best smile possible.


Smile Makeover Before and After

If you don’t like the appearance of your teeth and hide your smile from others, then you owe it to yourself to at least consider a smile makeover.  Straightening teeth with braces can help some, but it may not provide the full results that help us feel better about the way our teeth look.  Cosmetic dentistry does just that: addresses the aesthetic characteristics of our smile.

Helix Dentistry in Long Jetty is here to help!  Feel free to voice your concerns to us and our Central Coast team will work with you to address each one and provide you with options for improving your smile.


Smile Makeover Options

In most cases, a smile makeover will involve veneers.  These are thin porcelain covers that go over the front of your natural tooth, much like an artificial fingernail.  They are made of the highest quality porcelain and stay in place for years.  Each veneer is custom designed and fabricated to be symmetrical, properly aligned and custom shaded to your liking.

Depending on your oral anatomy, your smile makeover may require restorations other than veneers.  Implants and bridges can be to used to replace missing teeth.  A tooth with decay or previous root canal treatment will require the extra protection from a full coverage crown rather than a cosmetic veneer.  Rest assured that we will take steps so that all combined restorations are uniform in appearance and aesthetically pleasing!


What to Expect

Your smile makeover may consist of 1-2 visits.  After your consultation, we’ll schedule a preparation appointment where teeth are numbed and adjusted as necessary.

We may provide you with temporary restorations to wear while your permanent veneers or crowns are made at the lab.  Once they are complete, you will return for a second appointment where we will remove the temporaries and bond in the permanent ones.

Same day CEREC porcelain veneers are also available!  With the use of state of the art 3D imaging and milling, your new smile could be created and permanently bonded in place at the very same appointment.


How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost?

Depending on how many teeth are involved, the total may be anywhere between $2,000 up to $10,000.  Though this may seem like a substantial amount, keep in mind that it is a life changing investment!  We will discuss the financial options available to you when you come in for your consultation, and find options that fit both your budget and your aesthetic goals.


Virtual Smile Makeover

There is no need to travel far for great cosmetic dentistry.  As your local dentist in Long Jetty along the Central Coast, we’re here to work closely with you and map out the perfect plan for your smile makeover.

Thanks to the latest dental technology, we design your new smile before deciding on which cosmetic treatment to get.

Our practice is equipped with advanced imaging software with the capability to show you what your teeth could possibly look like with treatments like whitening, veneers, crowns, or more.

Call Helix Dentistry for your Cosmetic Smile Make-Over today!


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