Dr Steven Lin and Dr Kelly Brogan talk all-things functional dentistry

functional dentistry

You may have heard the term ‘functional dentistry’ before, but have you ever wondered what it actually means?

Well, our resident Functional Dentist, Dr Steven Lin, practises functional dentistry which is the notion that dental health should be the centre of how we make our whole body healthier, and that visiting the dentist shouldn’t be just about getting your teeth examined and cleaned. Functional dentistry is used to investigate the health of the whole body, and your dental health issues could be a symptom of a bigger health problem. Ultimately, functional dentistry paves the way for whole body health.

Recently, Dr Steven was interviewed by world-renowned holistic women’s health psychiatrist and author of the NY Times Bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own, Dr Kelly Brogan M.D., about functional dentistry and the connection between dental health and mental health.

Check out the video below to watch the conversation between Dr Steven and Dr Kelly Brogan.

Dr Steven’s number-one bestselling book The Dental Diet highlights his functional dentistry beliefs, as well as a 40-day meal plan which can help you to heal your body, starting with your teeth.

For more information about Dr Steven, you can visit his website here, his Facebook page, or listen to him on some of the world’s biggest health podcasts: David Perlmutter, Chris Kresser and Wellness Mama.

If you or your family have any issues like snoring, crooked teeth in kids, tongue-ties, old amalgam fillings, bad breath or gum disease, Dr Steven’s knowledge and experience can help heal your mouth and body.

If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Steven, please call us on 02 4334 1383.

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