How to get rid of bad breath

How to get rid of bad breath

Ok, let’s talk about something a bit awkward; bad breath. Did you know it’s estimated 50% of people suffer from bad breath? Many people don’t realise how common it is. Do you or a loved one suffer from bad tastes, or odours from the mouth? It can be an incredibly embarrassing and difficult problem to diagnose.

To try and beat your bad breath, do you turn to mouthwashes and chewing gum? Well, these could just be masking a serious health issue and may even be making the problem worse.


Today, gut health is one of the most exciting areas of healthcare innovation. Researchers are now finding that nearly every chronic disease has a common source in digestive imbalance. Your mouth and gums are a living and accessible part of a healthy gut. Bad breath could be a sign that you suffer from conditions of the digestive tract.

The most common cause of bad breath begins in the mouth. Did you know that the environment in your mouth (oral microbiome) has probiotic species that protect against diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease? There are also bugs that help to protect against imbalances that cause bad breath.

However, beyond the mouth, there are some serious diseases like liver failure, lung infections, and cancer can cause bad breath. Some of the most persistent types of bad breath may be due to an underlying health problem elsewhere in the body.


At Helix Dentistry, we’re excited to introduce our brand new specialised Bad Breath Clinic to help solve your bad breath problems. Our clinic is equipped with an Oral Chroma Gas Chromatography machine to help diagnose and pinpoint the exact cause of your bad breath. It’s also dedicated to healing not only your mouth but your body too. Our bad breath program will incorporate nutritional analysis and supplementation with the most innovative bad breath technology in Australia.

If you or a family member suffer from bad breath, book a quick and easy assessment in our Bad Breath Clinic today by calling 02 4334 1383 or click here.

For more information about our Bad Breath Clinic, click here.

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